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The Vogel Ranch

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             The Vogel Ranch consists of Peter Vogel, his son Josh Vogel and his wife Kathleen.  They run approximately 160 head of cows and grass another 120 head of yearlings in the aspen parklands of eastern Saskatchewan.  The ranch is located west of Theodore, in the grass filled Beaver Hills and is an ideal location to ranch and raise a family.  A large part of the cow herd are crossbred Speckle Park or Black Angus cows.  Also, along with the other two sons they have a purebred herd of Speckle Park cattle, known as Legacy Speckle Park.  Annually, prospect steers and heifers are marketed from the commercial herd and seedstock sold from the purebred herd.  They joined the Oram’s venture as a way to market the Speckle Park breed and their superior carcass traits into the retail meat markets.  Speckle Park are unique, as the only cattle breed to originate here in Saskatchewan, and have the traits necessary to prosper in this environment. 
             The cattle raised on the Vogel ranch are bred to fit an economical ideal of low maintenance beef production.  The cow herd never sees any grain, they are wintered on carry over grass in the fall, then moved on to millet for swath grazing, and finally are fed hay prior to calving in April.  The cow herd remains out in the fields their entire lives, taking advantage of the aspen parkland for shelter during the winter cold.  The calves are back-grounded and sold in the spring with a portion being put on grass for the summer.  The cattle are crossed back and forth with Speckle Park and Black Angus bulls to achieve hybrid vigour.  The goal at their ranch is to raise consistent and uniform calves that are versatile.  The calf crop may be put directly on feed, grassed and short kept or heifers can be bred and returned into the cow herd.  This versatility is bred into the cattle by never selecting for extremes, as the concept of a terminal cross does not exist here.  The sires and dams are required to raise a moderate framed animal that is able to fit many molds, making the calves more marketable.  
             The Vogel’s take pride in their cattle and continue to strive for the nearly unattainable goal of perfection.  By joining forces with West Bridgeford the Vogel’s plan to use the Speckle Parks’ best trait, their carcasses to increase profitability at the ranch.  The newest goal is to provide an enhanced beef dining experience for their clients.  The final connection can now be made to provide the people of Saskatchewan a beef experience developed right here in Saskatchewan.  


For more information please contact:

Peter Vogel
Box 428
Theodore, SK


Josh and Kathleen Vogel
Box 427
Theodore, SK