Pawsitively Bridgeford - Producer Profile


Kim Paysen

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I was raised on a mixed farm at Kelvington, SK.  I have many memories of following Dad around helping with chores.  He started with Hereford cows and then moved from black to red and back to Black Angus.

In 1980 I married Brian Paysen becoming an active participant in the running of Golden Eagle Ranch.  Justin was born in 1981 and Clinton in 1985.  Paysen’s had almost the same cattle progression as Dad going from Hereford to Black Angus with one Charlois bull adding import variety.

In October 1997 Brian passed away followed in January 1998 by Werner leaving me operator of the ranch.  As my Dad started retiring, I added a Black and Red Angus purebred group of cows.  I must not have had enough paperwork.

A family decision meant converting grain to grass and increasing cow numbers.  We are getting closer to our goal of 300 cows.

Our herd is based on quality.  I plan for light birth weights, lots of milk for fast gains and short calving season per group.  Our purebreds calve earlier than our commercials.  I raise some bulls that are sold off the farm.  As well, I prospect replacement heifers and have several repeat buyers who appreciate the high fertility, calving ability and milk abundance our herd provides.

We follow a complete herd health program designed for our herd by our veterinarian.  We feed in the evening and find we have few calves at night.  Our calves are age verified.  Also, I am qualified to present the Quality Starts Here Beef Verification Program to other producers who wish to become involved.

With my partner, Barrie Prentice’s help and his recently learned cattle expertise we manage to keep things fed, watered and fences fixed.  Clinton and Justin both live on the farm as well.  Justin works for the Department of Highways and plans holidays at haying time.  Clinton completed his journeyman welding course, passed his interprovincial tests and decided the farm was the place for him.  He welds at the shop but is always available for any cow work, ours or the neighbors, that needs to be done because he thoroughly enjoys working with cows.

I still teach at Central Butte School half time and have a year and a half until retirement.  My favorite relaxation activity is golfing.  I also enjoy coaching volleyball and attending cattle sales.

As owner of Paysen Livestock Equipment Inc., I realize the importance of small business to our rural communities which is only one reason I chose to support Shane and Doris in their present endeavor.  Their dog food line provides a place for the lame old crocks and we do eat lots of beef in our yard.


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Kim Paysen
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Central Butte, SK