Pawsitively Bridgeford - Producer Profile


Allen & Lillian Patkau

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We own and operate Sandy Arrow Ranch Ltd which is located west of Hanley, Sask.  On our ranch there are both purebred cows and commercial cows. We also have yearling cattle that we put out on grass for the summer.  Most of the cattle are marketed to feedlots in the fall when the cattle are 15 months of age although some are kept 1 more winter and grassed for one more summer.  These cattle supply our grass fed sales program. 

Our main focus at the ranch is the health of the soil.  Most of the land base has been farmed at one time or another, but has since been seeded to grasses and legumes.  We have noticed an improvement in the saline areas and find we have less wind erosion.   Livestock are used to harvest the growth, do their part in the mineral cycle and produce a safe and healthy source of beef. 




For more information please contact:

Allen & Lillian Patkau
Box 119
Hanley, SK