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Silver Foxx Stock Farm

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The farm has been in the Martin family since 1947, in the Last Mountain Lake area, north of Regina.  This is a mixed farm with purebred Red Angus, purebred Charolais, commercial cattle and a grain operation.  The land base provides summer pasture, winter feed and grains for the cattle herd.

We have been involved with producing ‘natural’ beef since 2004, following guidelines of stringent records and hormone free beef.  We have completed the Verified Beef Production Program and the on farm audit review in 2006.  This program deals with humane animal treatment, herd health, feed and livestock management.  An Environmental Farm Plan was completed in 2006.  All animals born on the farm are individually ‘age verified’ and recorded with RFID tagging.

We sell breeding stock, feeder calves and grain fed, finished beef.

Judy has been raising sheep since 1998 and chose Katadhin, Dorper cross breed because they are a very hardy, low maintenance meat sheep.  This breed of sheep is heavily muscled, relatively lean, low in cholesterol and very mild flavoured.  The sheep are raised in a low stress, free range environment north of Regina, summered on grass and fed alfalfa/brome mixture grown on the land base.  A herd health program, in consultation with the local veterinarian, is maintained.  Free choice mineral supplement is made available all year.  The meat is guaranteed hormone free.    Judy is currently enrolled in the ‘Food Safe Farm Practices’ program, and believes in supporting local agriculture.

We view our investment with West Bridgeford Meats as an ideal way to ensure a great product can be provided to great people, assured of where the product comes from and what it has been fed.


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Silver Foxx Stock Farm
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Phone/Fax: (306) 731-3248