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Grant, Fern, Jason and Karla Hicks

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Bluestone Stock Farms is a diversified family run operation.  Our cow herd consists of 600 Char x and Angus x cows.   Our program is dedicated to growth, natural thickness, calving ability, soundness, fertility, longevity and easy fleshing with an emphasis on carcass traits.  We breed our cows to Black Angus, Hereford and Charolais bulls.  We sell the heavy end of our calves in October and then background the light weights along with calves that we buy in our 1000 head backgrounding lot.  All of these calves go to grass in May and are sold off in August.  We fatten around 50 head of these grassers and open heifers  a year to sell beef off the farm.  The cattle are all grain fed but as grain prices rise we are planning to shift some over to a grass finished program.  We are also planning to have a few of them “NATURAL” with no implants given to them at all.  We also have 50 head of Purebred Black Angus cows which we use mainly to raise heavy hipped and thick haired bulls for our program and some for sale.  We have worked closely with the Moose Jaw Animal Clinic to develop a Herd Health Program and we are enrolled in the Verified Beef Program.  As you can see, we are purebred people, cow-calf people and feeder people. We have our hands in almost every facet of the industry! We also have a grain operation, silage equipment and grow every kernel of grain, bale of hay and bucket of silage that gets fed to our cattle. We operate out of 2 ranches - the south place where Grant, Fern and Angie live and the North place where Jason, Karla, Ty and Lexi live. Ty and Lexi are in 4-H now with their own cattle to show and sell.  You can see our show cattle at Moose Jaw Fair and Swift Current Fair and we try to make it to the Provincial Angus Show if it is close by. We also take cattle to the Commercial Show at Agribition - usually heifers that are right out of our replacement herd! We also consign Angus cattle to the Gateway Angus Sale held at Johnstones in December and we always have Angus and Charolais Bulls for sale at the farm. The South place is where the herd sires and the bulk of the cow herd are. The North place is where the feedlot is, the yearling bulls, the black purebred cattle are and the heifers are calved out. The South place is located 20 miles south of Mortlach and the North place is located 2 miles south of Parkbeg. Stop in for coffee! We'd love to give you a tour!


 By Dr. Carla Hicks Moose Jaw Animal Clinic
1. Calves
- Spring Turnout: Calves are vaccinated with the Wyeth Prime Protection Program.
- Fall Roundup: Resvac 4/Somnubac ((modified live BVD/BRSV/IBR/PI3, Hemophilus somnus)  Tasvax 7 (Clostridial vaccination) – same as the Wyeth Prime Protection Program.
2. Cows
- Replacement heifers are boostered with Tasvax 7 in the spring prior to pasture turnout.
- Cowherd as well as replacement heifers are vaccinated Pfizer Gold which  includes BVD/IBR/BRSV/PI3 vaccination as well as a scour prevention program.


For more information please contact:

Bluestone Stock Farms
Box 85
Mortlach, SK