Pawsitively Bridgeford - Producer Profile


Casteland Ranch Corp.

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We have been producing grass fed beef for six years. The grass fed beef is higher in CLA and omega three, than industry beef.

Our Grass fed beef is harvested at about twenty-eight months. We dry aged for twenty-one days. The seven months of finishing period is totally on grass.

In 2004 we received the Sask. TESA award in June and went on to win the National TESA award in Calgary in August.

In May 2005 we received a Heritage award from the Duke of Edinburgh Presented in Regina (This was for the ranch working with Ducks Unlimited Canada for over sixty years and four generations).

In February 2006 we went to Vancouver to Society of Range Management Convention to receive an Outstanding Achievement Award for range management.

Our Grass Finished Beef are free from hormonal injections, or implants, and are free from antibiotics.   To ensure that the cattle entering this program are meeting these standards,  any animal in our herds that require treatment with an antibiotic for health reasons, is identified as being treated, and the animal is removed from the Grass Finished Program.  We then finish that animal, and it is marketed through the regular market system, but it does not carry the status of “Grass Finished Beef”.     Our customers are becoming more and more health conscious, and “no antibiotics” is one of their main demands.   Our goal is supply them with the premium product that Grass Finished Beef delivers. 

Although the costs of delivering Grass Finished Beef is much higher than that of producing a grain finished animal, both our customers and ourselves are confident the rewards far outweigh these costs, in a superior product that not only excels in health benefits but is tender and full of flavour.


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