Pawsitively Bridgeford - Producer Profile


BENBIE Holsteins

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Our dad started dairy farming inthe late 1950's and Blaine started in 1982 and Neil in 1988 til present. We currently milk 100 cows and raise 200 beef cow and calves.


Silage, Hay and Barley

Holstein steers go on free choice sialge and barley at 400lbs until 1100 - 1200lbs.

Vaccination Program:

Ivomec 1 a year, micotal if pnemonia, and liq in neck if sick.

No Hormones used!

Our operation is a Dairy, Cow/Calf and Feed lot.


For more information please contact:

Neil Crosbie or Blaine Crosbie
Box 68
Caron, SK