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Why is

Pawsitively Bridgeford

a better choice?

  1. Ease of Feeding

Your dog can now enjoy nutritious, high quality food straight from the freezer. Unlike your conventional raw dog food, Pawsitively Bridgeford raw dog food is frozen in ¼ pound ready to serve patties. Patties are sold in either one (1) or five (5) pound Packages.

  1. A Pure Product:

Pawsitively Bridgeford products are made from human edible food. There are no fillers, no grains, no chemicals, and no preservatives. All Beef Products are hormone free. It is made from fresh real meat, Fresh vegetables and fruit. It is an all-natural diet. Everything your pet consumes is utilized and very little waste is passed through.

  1. Follow the Paw Prints

Pawsitively Bridgeford carefully selects the animals and tracks the meat used, right from the producer to you the pet owner. We understand how important your pets are to you and we feel it is important to introduce you to the local producers. This is our assurance to you that we stand behind our products and our producers stand behind theirs. Each products has four (4) digit tracking code that can be matched to one of our producers. This allows the pet owner the ability to get to see where their product came from.